Course 1: Fundamentals of Light and Lasers

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  1. Stimulated Emission in Slow Motion
  2. Angle Measures in Degrees and Radians
  3. Calculating Powers with a Calculator
  4. Inverse Tangent
  5. Polarization of Reflected Light
  6. Refraction and Snell's Law
  7. The Cartestian Coordinate System
  8. Right Triangles and Trigonometric ratios
  9. Fraunhofer Diffraction from Thin Wire
  10. Order of Operations
  11. Huygen's Wavelets
  12. Minimum Angle of Deviation and Index of Refraction
  13. Calculating Critical Angle
  14. Total Internal Reflection
  15. Handling and Cleaning of Optics
  16. Laboratory Procedures: Optical Alignments
  17. Laboratory Mountings: Component Supports
  18. Calculating Required Optical Density
  19. Optical Density and Filters
  20. Using Scientific Notation on a Calculator
  21. Trig Functions on a Calculator
  22. Reading a Graph
  23. Stimulated Emission of Photons in a Laser
  24. Interference and Diffraction of Light
  25. Angle of Incidence for Refraction
  26. Refraction of Light
  27. Basics of Units
  28. Engineering Notation
  29. Formulas and Symbols
  30. Solving the Loop-Gain Formula
  31. Solving Expressions with Exponents
  32. Evaluating Expressions with Scientific Notation
  33. Fraunhofer Diffraction from Pinhole

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