Fundamentals of Light and Lasers

Lab Activities presented by John Chamberlain, CORD

Hint for watching videos: After selecting a video, click the Pause button and wait several seconds for some of the file to download. Note the solid white bar on the time line, indicating the download progress. Click the Play button to continue.

  1. 1-1A: Finding the Speed of Red Light in Optical Grade Plastic
  2. 1-1B: Determining the Wavelength of Red Light
  3. 1-1C: The Spectrum of Colored Light
  4. 1-1D: The Polarization of Light
  5. 1-2A: Familiarization with Optical Equipment and Components
  6. 1-2B: Care and Cleaning of High Grade Optical Components
  7. 1-2C: Building an Inexpensive Spectrometer
  8. 1-3A: Irradiance
  9. 1-3B: Laser Eye Protection Equipment
  10. 1-3C.1,2: Windows and Mirrors
  11. 1-3D: Optical Filters
  12. 1-3E.1,2,3: Optical Photometer Use and Stability
  13. 1-4A: Prisms and Lenses
  14. 1-4B: Optical Alignment Techniques
  15. 1-4C: Law of Reflection
  16. 1-4D: Lenses
  17. 1-5A: Working with Diffraction Patterns, Wavelengths, and Polarization
  18. 1-5B: Interference and Diffraction
  19. 1-5C.1: Polarization, Law of Malus
  20. 1-6A: Measurement of Beam Diameter and Beam Divergence