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Fundamentals of Light and Lasers

Mini-tutorial Videos

Hint for watching videos: After selecting a video, click the Pause button and wait several seconds for some of the file to download. Note the solid white bar on the time line, indicating the download progress. Click the Play button to continue.

  1. 1-1A: Refraction     (by John Souders)
  2. 1-2A: Optical Density     (by Gary Beasley)
  3. 1-3A: Laser Hazard Classifications     (by Fred Seeber)
  4. 1-4A: Total Internal Reflection     (by John Souders)
  5. 1-5A: Diffraction     (by Chrys Panayiotou)
  6. 1-6A: Metastable States and Stimulated Emission
                (by John Souders)